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It Can’t Happen Here Paperback - Used
It Can’t Happen Here Paperback - Used

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Author Sinclair Lewis

First published in 1935, this Sinclair Lewis political novel is a prophetic masterpiece.  Charles Haberl’s (professor at Rutgers State University) adroit review in 2003 of this historic classic is exactly on point:  “It starts with the highly contested election of an oafish yet strangely charismatic president, who talks like a "reformer" but is really in the pocket of big business, who claims to be a home-spun 'humanist,' while appealing to religious extremists, and who speaks of 'liberating' women and minorities, as he gradually strips them of all their rights.”  Written over 70 years ago and still in print, Lewis‘ novel is just as  apocalyptic as General Smedley D. Butler’s ‘War is a Racket,” written in the same era.  These men clearly saw how the combined steps of Nazism and rabid capitalism could destroy the freedoms of American democracy.  For those who don’t believe that deceived Americans are capable of giving away this nation’s liberties, Lewis’ classical text is a ‘must read.’  (And another good one is ‘What’s the Matter with Kansas? by Thomas Frank).

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