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The Bormann Brotherhood Paperback - Used
The Bormann Brotherhood Paperback - Used

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Author William Stevenson

Stevenson posits that Martin Bormann was the behind-the-scenes Hitler controller during all the reign of the Third Reich, and that through the years, Bormann’s only interest was planning for the Fourth Reich.  Thus, although Germany was set to lose the war, Bormann thought nothing of the downfall of his nation.  In fact, one of Stevenson’s informants revealed that Bormann may well have been a double agent spying on Germany for Russia.  With copious documentation, the writer proves that Bormann concentrated on building a world-wide Nazi empire that would last up to the present day:  “He was concerned instead with a future based on Nazi philosophy, financed by Nazi loot, supported by a personally loyal Brotherhood . . .”  According to Stevenson, Bormann was building a picture of international Nazism with networks in the Middle East, Latin America, the Iberian peninsula, etc.  Thus Bormann dispatched members of his SS to stack the gold and treasures that they eventually smuggled out of Germany.  And while these “brave” men escaped with the loot, they sent children and old men to fight the waning war in their place!