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International Relations Hardback - New
International Relations Hardback - New

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Author Paul Wilkinson

A basic introductory study of the difficulties nations have in trying to establish successful relationships with other nations.  Thus, it illustrates the need for the United Nations, and the arduous task of making that organization work within the constraints of diplomacy, and disagreements and wars between nations.  A major problem with such interference or arbitration is the nature and definition of statehood.  For instance, do border and cultural delineations between nations prohibit the right for one nation to tell another nation what to do?  The author takes the position that the concept of a New World Order is a failure as there is no cohesive way for one nation to demand that other nations obey that order––short of war or financial reward.  Thus, diplomacy requires time, patience, and a sense of respect for all nations, regardless of their size or military and economic power.  Because of the book’s basic simplicity, it is a mere introduction to massive historical and contemporary subjects.  That simplicity is made gracious by colorful photographs and charts.  Other texts are needed for more in-depth study of international relations in general, and the United Nations in particular!