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Wall Street and The Rise of Hitler Hardback - New
Wall Street and The Rise of Hitler Hardback - New

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Author Antony C. Sutton

In this fantastically daring study, the author reveals the major Wall Street companies and generations of family scions that financed Hitler, including:  I.G. Farben, Inc. (owners of Bayer Aspirin); Standard Oil; General Motors; Ford; International Harvester; General Electric, IBM, ITT, etc.  While Sutton concentrates on the many Wall Street moguls that financed Adolf Hitler, he nonetheless admits the heavy influence that occult practices had on the Hitler regime.  The author explains:  “Without the capital supplied by Wall Street, there would have been no I.G. Farben [the “front” cartel organized to tunnel funds to Hitler] in the first place and almost certainly no Adolf Hitler and World War II.”  Based on what he sees as three types of manipulated socialism––Russian communism, Roosevelt’s New Deal, and the Nazi Socialist Party––Sutton insists that at the same time the cartel was financing Hitler, they were also financing Stalin.  The whole point was to seethe nations into World War so that they could make tons of money selling, guns, tanks, planes, gasoline, etc. to both sides!