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The Holy Reich: Nazi Conceptions of Christianity 1919-1945 Paperback - Used
The Holy Reich: Nazi Conceptions of Christianity 1919-1945 Paperback - Used

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Author Richard Steigmann-Gall

Some critics correctly conclude that Steigmann-Gall is much too lenient on Hitler in this book.  The book’s problem is that the author concludes that Hitler is either ambiguous toward Christianity, or else that he has a veiled acceptance of some Christian beliefs.  Most critics assess Hitler approach to Christianity as only an attempt to control both the Protestant and Catholic churches and merge them into propaganda tools for Nazism.  Just as Russian Communists used vaguely paraphrased New Testament language to convince innocent Christians that Communism was trustworthy, in the early days of their reign Hitler and his men used Biblical symbolism and wording as a front for Nazism.  Yet, Steigmann-Gall does an admirable job of discussing those members of Hitler’s inner circle who were avowed pagans, and of others who saw no problem with being dedicated followers of Hitler while at the same time maintaining faithful membership in German churches.  Once they defined the German race as God’s chosen people, and Germany as His chosen nation, it was an easy step accept Nazism as God’s perfect will.   While it may have flaws, this book is essential for those who wish to understand various views of religion within the Third Reich.

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