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Unholy Alliance: A History of Nazi Involvement with the Occult Paperback - Used

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Author Peter Levenda

      Levenda details various aspects of the ways that Hitler and his men practiced occult activities.  But after his years of deep practice and experiment in non-Christian pagan practices--like King Saul in the Old Testament--Hitler turned against all occultists in the land, except those he wished to consult.  Occultists Hitler banned included all astrologists, Free Masons, the Golden Dawn, OTO (Temple Orientis), the Theosophical Society. Meanwhile, Levenda explains, how Hitler's body guards and secret police, the SS, wove an occult religion of their own, one based on racial superiority and ancient pagan religions.  SS men formally disavowed membership in Christian churches.  And they developed new religious ceremonies to replace Christian ones, so that use of the word Christmas was forbidden and winter solstice took its place.  Levenda quotes Hitler as saying "Anyone who interprets National Socialism merely as a political movement knows almost nothing about it.  It is more than religion, is is the determination to create a new man."  Those who try to research the "whys" of Hitler's regime cannot find answers without looking into occult practices in Germany, Europe and among Hitler and his armies.

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