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The Splendid Blond Beast: Money, Law, and Genocide in the Twentieth Century Hardback - Used

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Author Christopher Simpson

Simpson’s thesis is that Hitler’s systematic slaughter of millions of Jews is part of the assumption that one race has the right to rule over and destroy all other races––especially when national “order” and profits are involved.  Few people know that Hitler’s method and purpose of genocide against the Jewish race began with experiments on African Americans living in the Deep South in the United States.  Too much of the criticism of this book is based on beliefs that Simpson should have concentrated on Hitler’s sociopathic personality.  But sociopathy alone ignores the spiritual evil that ruled over Germany during the time of Hitler’s reign.  Moreover, are these critics saying that all the men around Hitler, that the “scientists” and executing members of the Axis armies were all sociopaths.  Simpson does point out that because they were members of a legally-constituted national army, these murderers acted under orders and are therefore free of guilt––and unfortunately members of the judging tribunal bought that argument.  Moreover, he proves that much of the slaughter of the Jews was motivated by the eagerness to steal their wealth––not from a mental disorder.  Simpson concludes:  “Who then, or what, is the splendid blond beast?  It is the destruction inherent in any system of order, the institutionalized brutality whose existence is denied by the cheerleaders of the status quo at the very moment they feed its appetite for blood.”

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