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Explaining Hitler: The Search For The Origins of His Evil Hardback - Used
Explaining Hitler:  The Search For The Origins of His Evil Hardback - Used

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Author Ron Rosenbaum

    In addition to investigating what "facts" could be known about Hitler's childhood, Rosenbaum interviewed as many "experts" as possible in an attempt to find reasons for the depth of Hitler's evil.  He found that Hitler did everything possible to keep his 'family' background secret. "People must not know who I am.    They must not know where I came front," he screamed to his men.  Rosenbaum found that even "ambiguity was built into the very geography of Hitler's origins."  In addition to those who claimed that Hitler was an illegitimate son of the wealthy Rothchilds, he found others who claimed that Hitler was a blood descendant of another murderous tyrant, Genghis Khan.  Was Hitler born on the Austrian border with Germany or was he born two hundred miles east on a disputed border between Austria and Czechoslovakia?  If he was born into the family historically reported, then Hitler's father was an incestuous adulterer, who may have murdered his wealthy wife.  Rosenbaum confirmed that Hitler did not allow anyone--except his one chosen cameraman--to photograph him.  The author found reports that Hitler's male lovers continually tried to bribe him so they would not "out" his activities.  He also uncovered the bribery of police to prevent Hitler from being held responsible for the murder of his niece lover.  But he also found articles in the "Munich Post," the one set of journalists that resisted Hitler for years, where witnesses insisted that Hitler was a sexual freak.  The author especially interviewed Jewish scholars for their opinions on the origins of Hitler's evil.  He found people such as Claude Lanzmann who insisted that Hitler could not be explained, and that it was a sinful waste of time to try to do so.  He spoke to others who claimed that the German mass-murderer was no different from other dictators who had led their nations into such atrocities.  In the end, all concluded that only The Infinite God could explain Hitler's evil, and they were all waiting for His answer.