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The Emerging Order: God in the Age of Scarcity Paperback - New
The Emerging Order:  God in the Age of Scarcity Paperback - New

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Author Jeremy Rifkin with Ted Howard

Published in 1979, Rifkin’s book is still in print.  It is a popular discussion of  the future of organized Christianity in an age of what the author believes will be declining resources in the United States.  Rifkin published and wrote his text in an era of revival within Charismatic and Evangelical Christian communities which he believed would eventually bring major social changes in the nation.  Section One of the book traces that revival movement from the age of the Protestant Reformation through to what Rifkin calls “the triumph of the liberal ethos.”  It then predicts major failures in the nation’s economic system.  Section Two predicts what Rifkin assumes will be the response within liberal Christian circles to aid new groups of Americans who will be living in poverty.  But Rifkin did not touch upon the non-Christian racism dividing Christians in this country. Nor did he foresee the rising Prosperity Movement and its lure to posit Christian principles for the sake of money, as well as the rise of conservative politicians in connection with that movement.