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The Divine Comedy Paperback - New
The Divine Comedy Paperback - New

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Author - Dante

      Undoubtedly one of the five best books ever written in the Western World, Dante’s Divine Comedy.  While usually only the first third of work, this edition includes all three parts of Dante’s epic work: “The Inferno,” “Purgatorio,” and “Paradiso.”  Moreover, this particular edition was translated by C. H. Sisson, a well-known British poet, novelist, essayist and noted translator.  In addition, this offering, one of the Oxford World’s Classics, includes an in-depth introduction and extensive footnotes by David H. Higgins, British scholar and author.  

The Comedy’s most famous section, The “Inferno,” describes nine circles of hell and the degrees of sin determining which circle condemned souls were assigned.  Based on Biblical definitions of sin, as well as those in the medieval era, these circles were permanent realms from which there is no way out.  However, the subject of Dante’s second epic poem, “Purgatory,” is his suggested vista of human experience where persons can change their disposition toward sin, in order to work their way into the “Paradise.”  The author’s poetry is matchless in style, truth and beauty.  And in his quest to explain the hellish consequences of sin, and the exquisite realities of heaven, Dante far excels others.