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Frankenstein: Or the Modern Prometheus Hardback - New
Frankenstein: Or the Modern Prometheus Hardback - New

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Author - Mary W. Shelley (with essay by Robert Kiely)

With profound insight, Mary Shelley recognized that run-away science was ushering in the Great Industrial Age that would:  
1) Destroy traditional hearth and home;  
2) Dethrone the mystical, worshipful appreciation of women as carriers of new life, replacing her prominence as producer of life with a “dead” inhuman machine, incapable of life or love;  
3) Remove men from their relationship with their own land to provide food for his family;
4) Move families from rural farms to cramped unpleasant urban dwellings; and
5) Deconstruct assumed moral and Biblically-based values into subservience under money and profit.  Thus, Ms. Shelley writes that when the scientist, Dr. Frankenstein, dug through graveyards for the dead things needed to build the new machine, he had created a monster capable of totally obliterate society.  Robert Kiely’s essay, and the text introduction are excellent additions to a world-famous novel.