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The Hound of the Baskervilles (Laurel Leaf Library Edition) Paperback - Used
Our Price: $1.25

Because the author was deeply involved in spiritism, curses, and witchcraft practices himself, through symbols, scenery and fear, Arthur Conan Doyle overtly hinted about the ‘dark’ issues of satanic worship without explicitly discussing them.
En Route to Global Occupation Paperback - Used
Our Price: $3.95

Remember the phrase “New World Order”?  Well, Gary Kah says that this phrase means “One World Government.”
Explaining Hitler: The Search For The Origins of His Evil Hardback - Used
Our Price: $5.98

In addition to investigating what "facts" could be known about Hitler's childhood, Rosenbaum interviewed as many "experts" as possible in an attempt to find reasons for the depth of Hitler's evil.  He found that Hitler did everything possible to keep his 'family' background secret. "People must not know who I am.
Corporate Media and the Threat to Democracy Paperback - New
Our Price: $7.85

Part of ‘The Open Media Pamphlet Series,’ this small, but well-researched, text clearly lays out the problems that print, television and internet media have encountered as they labor under the ownership of usually unseen and unknown mega-corporations.
The Splendid Blond Beast: Money, Law, and Genocide in the Twentieth Century Hardback - Used
Our Price: $8.95

Simpson’s thesis is that Hitler’s systematic slaughter of millions of Jews is part of the assumption that one race has the right to rule over and destroy all other races––especially when national “order” and profits are involved.