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In His Steps (Abridgedment) Paperback New
Our Price: $0.99

A statement about Sheldon’s opinion of what The LORD Jesus would do in various situations in life.
Heavenly Hosts: A Biblical Study of Angels Paperback - Used
Our Price: $1.95

A complete study of angels in the Bible, taken from notes in the Dake’s Annotated Reference Bible with Concordance.
The Search for the Twelve Apostles Paperback - New
Our Price: $2.95

Author - William Steuart McBirnie

Like others who have tried before him, Dr. McBirnie attempts to trace the steps of the original apostles beyond the Book of Acts and the New Testament epistles.  Of course he includes the Apostle Paul who, although not one of the original apostles, nonetheless had much more of a reach into the Gentile regions of Europe and the Middle East than most of the original Apostles who remained in Jerusalem to minister to Jewish Christians.
He Came To Set The Captives Free Paperback - New
Our Price: $12.95

Author: Rebecca Brown

A medical doctor, Ruth Irene Bailey writes novels about deliverance from demon possession under the pseudonym Rebecca Brown.  “He Came to Set The Captives Free” is her first full length novel.  During her medical practice in her home state of Indiana, Dr. Brown encountered patients who had to be delivered from demon possession.  Jack Chick, founder of Chick publications helped her with her early novels, which he published as non-fiction literature.  Through the years, Brown has suffered much persecution, especially because of her diagnoses and physical illness often had demonic causes.  Finally the state of Indiana revoked her medical license in 1984 claiming that she “intentionally misdiagnosed her patients.”  She is married to Rev. Daniel Yoker, with whom she pastors a youth movement.
The Witch That Switched Paperback - New
Our Price: $15.95

Author - Irene Park

A very reliable first-hand account of a woman who thoroughly understood the world of evil.  Irene Park not only practiced witchcraft, she was a high priestess in the world of evil.  But one day, as she was slipping into hell, she realized that the chief demon she had relied upon since childhood was now laughing at her hopelessness.  Then she saw Jesus, The Savior, reach out His hand for her and she clung to Him for salvation from the fires of hell.  Of course, she lost the massive wealth she had gained by selling drugs, prostitutes, etc., but she gained an everlasting Savior Who forgave her, washed her sins away, and put her on the path of a Christian ministry that has been a blessing to thousands.
The Chronicles of Narnia 7 Volume Set
Our Price: $18.95

Each of these books are in excellent shape, and the case has beautiful Narnia art works on its hard coverings.  The bindings have not been cracked, which indicate that they have not been read.  However, the case has slight handling damage on the upper right side, so we have listed it in both New and Used Categories.
My Answer: The Famous Evangelist Replies to Hundreds Soul-Searching Questions Paperback - New
Our Price: $35.00

Billy Graham answers some of the many questions about the Christian life sent to him from various believers.
The Oxford Companion to the Bible Hardback - New
Our Price: $75.00

Authors Bruce M. Metzger and Michael D. Coogan

An alphabetic encyclopedia/dictionary account of character names, places, Bible terms, Books of the Bible, charts, maps, histories, that even includes backgrounds on other Bible study books already published under such categories as Illustrated Bibles, Bible editions printed before and after the King James Version, and various other categories that one would not necessarily look for. These include such things as:  Social Patters and Female Power (in Bible times); Trade and Transport; Prostitution; Names and Name-giving; Idols, Idolatry. etc.  This text is an absolute necessity for those who wish to be serious Bible students.
Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament: Based on Semantic Domains Volume 1 Hardback - New
Our Price: $275.00

Excellent discussions of each Greek Word in the original meanings within the New Testament world.