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The Fourth Horseman Hardback - New
Our Price: $1.95

Author - Alan E. Nourse

A riveting fictional account by a medical doctor on how the Black Plague can spread from the animal world to the human one.  Title is from the Biblical account of plagues by one of the horsemen in Revelation, chapter six..
The Plague Tales Hardback - New
Our Price: $8.95

Author - Ann Benson

In a multiple account that strikes on truth in so many levels, Benson writes fiction in order to capture  the essence of the failure of science to grasp the importance of history.  She contrasts the work of Alejandro Guzman, a 14th century physician who tried to perform autopsies to stop the Black Death, with that of Janie Crowe, an American medical archaeologist, who unintentionally releases a new deadly plague on the modern world.  Unfortunately, as so-called scientists now try to unearth dinosaurs so they can be clone re-created in the modern world, this fictionalized disaster may become all too true today.