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Whose Body? Paperback - Used
Whose Body? Paperback - Used
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Author - Dorothy L. Sayers

In this Lord Peter Wimsey’s first murder case, Christian novelist Dorothy L. Sayers has the murderer dump the body of an unknown victim into the bath tub of an innocent parish pastor, Mr. Alfred Thipps.  Writing to prove the satanically-inspired insanity of murder, Sayers illustrates the ways in which Wimsey’s doggedly Christian persistence can stand against evil to solve any crime.   And this crime indeed was a premeditated murderous plot coming straight from the bowels of hell.  Sayers more than proves the banal madness of Satan’s kingdom as it operates under the guise of  human intelligence, and the superior wisdom of God’s children as they operate under His guidance and protection.  As in all of Sayers’ novels, references to Biblical passages, as well as noted Christian authors, are noted throughout the narrative.