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The Search for the Twelve Apostles Paperback - New
Our Price: $2.95

Author - William Steuart McBirnie

Like others who have tried before him, Dr. McBirnie attempts to trace the steps of the original apostles beyond the Book of Acts and the New Testament epistles.  Of course he includes the Apostle Paul who, although not one of the original apostles, nonetheless had much more of a reach into the Gentile regions of Europe and the Middle East than most of the original Apostles who remained in Jerusalem to minister to Jewish Christians.
Atlas of the Bible: An Illustrated Guide to the Holy Land Hardback - New
Our Price: $7.95

With more than 300 maps and illustrations, colorful photographs, pictures of works of art and artifacts from ancient civilizations, this relevant research tool also includes a 32-page gazetteer that has the names of some 900 locations in the Bible, along with brief discussions of each location.
The Oxford Companion to the Bible Hardback - New
Our Price: $75.00

Authors Bruce M. Metzger and Michael D. Coogan

An alphabetic encyclopedia/dictionary account of character names, places, Bible terms, Books of the Bible, charts, maps, histories, that even includes backgrounds on other Bible study books already published under such categories as Illustrated Bibles, Bible editions printed before and after the King James Version, and various other categories that one would not necessarily look for. These include such things as:  Social Patters and Female Power (in Bible times); Trade and Transport; Prostitution; Names and Name-giving; Idols, Idolatry. etc.  This text is an absolute necessity for those who wish to be serious Bible students.
Bible Facts Hardback - New
Our Price: $175.00

An exquisitely beautiful book filled with Bible history, geography and commentary.