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The Plumed Serpent Paperback - Used
Our Price: $2.95

Author - D. H. Lawrence

In a very anti-Christian work, Lawrence celebrates the rise of the plumed serpent which represents the darker of two sides of ancient Aztec religion of Mexico, the other side being a heaven-type bird.  But these opposites are inexorably tied together, with one coming on the scene to rule for evil or for good at designated time periods.  Lawrence’s study is appropo at this time as 2012 is the year for the plumed serpent to rise from the grave of death.
The Brotherhood of The Rose Hardback - Used
Our Price: $2.99

Author - David Morrell

In his Biblical epistle, Apostle James says that those who have pure and undefiled religion should care for widows and orphans (James  1: 27).  Providing supportive proof in his novel, David Morrell illustrates why such Christian service is necessary.  A very evil man pretends to care for orphans by bringing them gifts and as they grow up, he trains them to be assassins.  As the three main characters grow up, they discover that he has trained orphans in several places to carry out his evil deeds.
Toward a Safe & Sane Halloween & Other Tales of Suburbia Hardback - New
Our Price: $75.00

Author - William Geist

A book that continuously hints, and hints only, about what really is going on in many American suburbs, including:  mystery, mayhem and murder.   For instance, those running a particular suburb’s community oversight have rules for every occasion.  On the date of the title page––Halloween––children are given rather seemingly innocent instructions, and then instruction #4 says to have no flashlight and #5 says to be alone.  Strange!  The cult movie classic “Suburbia,” based on the dangers confronting orphans, as well as “The Burbs,” starring Tom Hanks, wherein “weakly comic” witchcraft workers are tripped out by ordinary suburbanites ––both seem to be taken from this novel of “fiction.”